Named in honor of former head coach Glen Tuckett's father, Cameron Tuckett, this team award is given annually to the player who demonstrates consistent effort in academics, citizenship and baseball. It is donated by Bill and Norma Anderson and family.

2018Brennon Anderson
2017Bronson Larsen
2016Hayden Nielsen & Eric Urry
2015Dillon Robinson
2014Brock Whitney
2013Adam Law
2012Tanner Chauncey
2011Jaycob Brugman
2010Jonathan Cluff
2009Michael Bowen
2008Sean McNaughton
2007Jesse Craig
2006Ben Saylor
2005Brandon Taylor
2004Kory Knell
2003Paul Jacinto & Ranger Wiens
2002Dave Jensen
2001Nate Fernley
2000Nick Day
1999Gary Johnson
1998Troy Farnsworth
1997D.G. Nelson
1996Eric McDowell & Ryan Roberts
1995Brian Knoll
1994Michael Espiritu
1993Dave Madsen
1992Darren Milne
1991Brent Turley
1990Burt Call & Matt Norman
1989Paul Cluff
1988John DeSilva
1987Mike Willes
1986Gary Cooper
1985Mark Beavers
1984Jim Mecate
1983Scott Nielsen
1982Scott DeLong
1981Peter Kendrick
1980Cliff Pastornicky
1979Murphy Su'a
1978Cam Killebrew