Game-day Media Policies & Procedures

General game-day policies for covering BYU men’s basketball

  • The NCAA mandated 10-minute cooling off period will be enforced.
  • The BYU locker room is closed to the media.
  • Two to three student-athletes will be available to address the media in the post-game interview room following the mandatory cooling off period.
  • Coach Rose will address the media in the post-game interview room following the student-athletes.
  • Postgame interviews following road games will take place outside the locker room or in a location designated by the host institution.
  • All requests for interviews must be coordinated through the BYU Athletic Communications office.

Exclusive broadcast rights

  • In order to protect the exclusive broadcast rights of the University’s radio, television and Internet rights holders the following policies will be enforced.


  • No in-market radio station/network may broadcast live programming that originates from the competition site (the Marriott Center or BYU campus for home games) during the live broadcast window. This includes live interviews, updates, reports, etc., via phone or any other form of electronic or instantaneous transmission.
  • The broadcast window begins one hour prior to the scheduled game time and ends one hour after the game concludes.
  • The post-game press conference may be recorded, but not broadcast live.
  • Media outlets may use a maximum of three minutes of recorded interviews per hour during the broadcast window. The interviews may not be portrayed as live.
  • Coaches and/or student-athletes may not be interviewed live at any time during the broadcast window (on or off campus).
  • A non-radio rights holder may not use the trademarked terms BYU, Brigham Young, Brigham Young University when referring to the name of its broadcast, or any promotional materials promoting the broadcast.


  • No non-rights-holding television, network or Internet entity may broadcast live programming that originates from inside the Marriott Center during the live telecast. This includes interviews and/or reports.
  • Only rights-holding entities may broadcast the postgame press conference live.
  • Excerpts can only be made from live on-air ESPN/BYUtv event programming. No use can be made of interviews, analysis, pre-game/post-game shows, commentary or other non-event material.
  • Excerpts are limited to a maximum of two minutes of the basketball game.
  • Highlights can only be shown in bona fide, regularly scheduled television news programs in which the sports content is comprised of multiple sports (i.e., no single-sport highlight shows). 
  • No audio material, including voices of on-air talent, may be used.
  • On-air ESPN/BYUtv graphics included in the highlights cannot be blocked or covered.
  • No sub-licensing of usage rights to any other entity is permitted. 
  • Highlights of the basketball game can only be displayed during the first 48 hours after its conclusion. No “in-progress” highlights or archiving of material is permitted.
  • A “courtesy” credit clearly identifying ESPN/BYUtv must be given with the same placement, frequency and prominence as required by the reciprocating network, but in no event less than at the conclusion of the program.
  • Excerpts that comply with all of the other terms hereof may be distributed only (i) as part of a linear television network or station distributed via over-the-air terrestrial broadcast, cable television and/or direct broadcast satellite, and (ii) the simulcast of the applicable programming as part of that television network or station via the Internet or mobile/wireless technology (which simulcasts may not be archived, offered on a delayed basis, or made available for download). Other than such live simulcasts, any use of excerpts on the Internet, or other online service, wireless device/service or interactive multimedia distribution transmission is strictly prohibited.

Any potential usage of highlights not complying with these guidelines must be approved in writing in advance by Brigham Young University and, if applicable, ESPN.

Real Time In-Game Reports

  • Credentialed media outlets are permitted to post a blog entry or use other forms of instantaneous reporting (i.e., twitter and social media, etc.) a maximum of 12 times per half, twice (2) at halftime and four times (4) during each overtime session.
  • Credentialed media may not participate in two-way dialog or real-time chats, including in-game Q&A.
  • Media may blog or file a report (i.e., twitter, social media, etc.) only for the organization for which they are officially credentialed.
  • Additional credentials will not be issued to credentialed media outlets to accommodate blogging.
  • In general, scoring updates, periodic analysis and time remaining is permissible content.
  • Play-by-play descriptions and detailed statistical analysis of the game is not permitted.
  • Private conversations or interactions between individuals, including coaches, players, administrators, staff, members of the media, etc. are not appropriate content for blogging or for any other reporting.
  • BYU Athletic Communications personnel will be the final authority to determine if a news entity/network is following these policies.

All media access and credentials are provided at the sole discretion of BYU and the Athletic Communications department. Credentials and access can be revoked at any time for any reason. This policy may change or be revised at any time.


2011-12 Season Media Availability and Reporting Policies

General Reporting and Blogging Policies

For those covering BYU basketball during the 2011-12 season please be aware of the policies detailed below. Please contact a member of the BYU Athletic Communications staff if you have any questions.

  • Media members should not contact directly BYU student-athletes, coaches, support staff or other Athletic Department personnel for any reason. All interviews must be arranged through the Athletic Communications office prior to being conducted.
  • With some exceptions, players and coaches will be available for brief interviews following practice sessions that are scheduled for media interviews. Some players may not be available at every practice depending on circumstances such as classes, exams, other obligations or scheduling considerations. Specific practice schedules open to the media will be provided in a timely manner.
  • Media members may attend all practice sessions and must sit on the concourse level in between Portals X and Y. Student-athletes and coaches will be available following selected practices, typically on Monday and Thursday (media days may vary depending on game schedule each week).
  • Do not issue any reports through instantaneous means (Twitter, blog, etc.) while practice is in session. Regarding injuries, Coach Rose or the Athletic Communications office will provide official information at the conclusion of practice. In an effort to avoid speculation and incorrect information, do not report on injuries or players absent from practice, including via text messaging or other instantaneous means, until Coach Rose or the Athletic Communications office provides the information. In situations where additional information is needed, team trainer Rob Ramos will be made available when possible to answer additional follow-up questions. Do not ask players for injury news.
  • Conversations and interactions between players or between players and coaches or other staff members are regarded as private, especially during practice, and should not be referenced or detailed in blogs, practice reports, Tweets or any other kind of reporting in print or online. Only comments provided through a standard, mutually recognized interview can be used as content in blogs and practice reports.
  • Specific plays or strategies should not be referenced or detailed in blogs, practice reports, Tweets or any other kind of reporting in print or online. In addition, the use of players in strategic situations should not be discussed or otherwise revealed in blogs or practice reports.
  • Photos and video may be taken during the final 10 minutes of practice only. A member of the Athletic Communications staff will indicate when filming or the taking of photos is allowed.
  • We support and maintain the philosophy that blogs, practice reports, Tweets or any other kind of reporting should be no different than other information that would be broadcast or published by your organization under the scrutiny of standard professional editorial guidelines and principles. We request your cooperation in helping us maintain a professional environment in this effort.