Anonymous | Posted: 1 Nov 2011 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Day Two Woes

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STOCKTON, Calif. — After a solid first round, the Cougars struggled to find the greens on day two, shooting a 19-over and dropping to ninth overall at the Pacific Invitational.

“Today we weren’t very good,” BYU coach Bruce Brockbank said. “It was tough, but it wasn’t 19-over tough.”

Just six shots down after day one, the Cougars dropped to 14 shots behind. They could not hit the fairways and struggled to hit the greens. The wind also proved to be a factor, frustrating the Cougars all day.

“We showed some of our colors today,” Brockbank said. “We made some bad shots and they just compounded on each other.”

Junior Zac Blair led the Cougars for the second consecutive round, shooting a 2-over. Patrick Fishburn kept pace with Blair, shooting the same score, moving from 20th to 14th overall.

Aside from Blair and Fishburn, the Cougars really struggled to put it in the hole. Freshman McCoy Willey, continued his up and down game, shooting 7-over, while Sophomore Cole Ogden shot 10-over.

“We need to bounce back with a couple of good scores tomorrow,” Brockbank said. “We need to play safer this next round.”

The men will complete tournament play on Wednesday. To follow the tournament live, click here


Place Name  Score
t5 Zac Blair 141
t14 Patrick Fishburn 144
t45 McCoy Willey 152
t45 Cole Ogden 152
t49 Devon Purser 153


Place Team Score
1 Colorado State +5
t2 Oregon State +7
t2 Nevada +7
t4 Charlotte +10
t4 Kansas State +10
6 Cal Poly +14
t7 Pacific +16
t7 Denver +16
9 BYU +19
10 UC Davis +20
11 Marquette +32
12 Fresno State +37