All-Conference Performers

Casey Clinger2022First TeamWCC
Brandon Garnica2022First TeamWCC
Joey Nokes2022First TeamWCC
Creed Thompson2022First TeamWCC
Davin Thompson2022First TeamWCC
Aidan Troutner2022First TeamWCC
Christian Allen2022First TeamWCC
Kenneth Rooks2022Second TeamWCC
Conner Mantz2021First TeamWCC
Casey Clinger2021First TeamWCC
Brandon Garnica2021First TeamWCC
Lucas Bons2021First TeamWCC
Aidan Troutner2021Second TeamWCC
Garrett Marsing2021Second Team WCC
Conner Mantz2020-21First TeamWCC
Casey Clinger2020-21First TeamWCC
Brandon Garnica2020-21First TeamWCC
Elijah Armstrong2020-21First TeamWCC
Aidan Troutner2020-21First TeamWCC
Ethan Cannon2020-21First TeamWCC
Clayson Shumway2020-21Second TeamWCC
Conner Mantz2019First TeamWCC
Jacob Heslington2019First TeamWCC
Daniel Carney2019First TeamWCC
Matt Owens2019First TeamWCC
Brandon Garnica2019First TeamWCC
Zac Jacklin2019First TeamWCC
Connor Weaver2019Second TeamWCC
Connor McMillan2018First TeamWCC
Conner Mantz2018First TeamWCC
Rory Linkletter2018First TeamWCC
Brayden McLelland2018First TeamWCC
Jacob Heslington2018First TeamWCC
Clayson Shumway2018First TeamWCC
Clayton Young2018Second TeamWCC
Zac Jacklin2018Second TeamWCC
Daniel Carney2017First TeamWCC
Casey Clinger2017First TeamWCC
Jonathan Harper2017First TeamWCC
Rory Linkletter2017First TeamWCC
Connor McMillan2017First TeamWCC
Kramer Morton2017First TeamWCC
Clayton Young2017First TeamWCC
Brayden McLelland2017Second TeamWCC
Clayson Shumway2017Second TeamWCC
Jonathan Harper2016First TeamWCC
Rory Linkletter2016First TeamWCC
Brayden McLelland2016First TeamWCC
Nicolas Montanez2016First TeamWCC
Clayton Young2016First TeamWCC
Spencer Hanson2016Second TeamWCC
Mitchell Briggs2016Second TeamWCC
Daniel Carney2016Second TeamWCC
Aaron Fletcher2015First TeamWCC
Nicolas Montanez2015First TeamWCC
Dallin Farnsworth2015First TeamWCC
Dallin Taylor2015First TeamWCC
Connor McMillan2015First TeamWCC
Dylan Shawhan2015First TeamWCC
Mitchell Briggs2015First TeamWCC
Jonathan Harper2015Honorable MentionWCC
Jonathan Nelson2014First TeamWCC
Aaron Fletcher2014First TeamWCC
Steve Flint2014First TeamWCC
Connor McMillan2014First TeamWCC
Spencer Hanson2014Second TeamWCC
Jonathan Harper2014Second TeamWCC
Jason Witt2013First TeamWCC
Steve Flint2013First TeamWCC
Tylor Thatcher2013First TeamWCC
Thomas Gruenewald2013First TeamWCC
Spencer Gardner2013Honorable MentionWCC
Jonathan Nelson2013Honorable MentionWCC
Jared Ward2012First TeamWCC
Tylor Thatcher2012First TeamWCC
Jason Witt2012First TeamWCC
Conner Peloquin2012First TeamWCC
Steve Flint2012Honorable MentionWCC
Curtis Carr2012Honorable MentionWCC
Miles Batty2011First TeamWCC
Jared Ward2011First TeamWCC
Rex Shields2011First TeamWCC
Alden Bahr2011First TeamWCC
Tylor Thatcher2011First TeamWCC
Jason Witt2011First TeamWCC
Steve Flint2011Honorable MentionWCC
Miles Batty2010First TeamMWC
Jared Ward2010First TeamMWC
Nathan Ogden2010Second TeamMWC
Miles Batty2009First TeamMWC
Richard Nelson2009First TeamMWC
Nathan Ogden2009First TeamMWC
Alden Bahr2009First TeamMWC
Brandon Hebbert2009Second TeamMWC
Ryan Merriman2009Second TeamMWC
Stephan Shay2008First TeamMWC
Kyle Perry2008First TeamMWC
Dan Hinckley2008First TeamMWC
Jacob Gustafsson2008Second TeamMWC
Nathan Ogden2008Second TeamMWC
Richard Nelson2008Second TeamMWC
Dustin Bybee2007First TeamMWC
Chandler Goodwin2007First TeamMWC
Tyrel Jensen2007First TeamMWC
Derek Taylor2007Second TeamMWC
Josh Rohatinsky2006First TeamMWC
Kyle Perry2006First TeamMWC
Chandler Goodwin2006First TeamMWC
Dustin Bybee2006First TeamMWC
Jacob Gustafsson2006Second TeamMWC
Alden Bahr2006Second TeamMWC
Josh Rohatinsky2005First TeamMWC
Chandler Goodwin2005First TeamMWC
Dustin Bybee2005First TeamMWC
Josh McAdams2005First TeamMWC
Tyrel Jensen2005Second TeamMWC
Jacob Gustafsson2005Second TeamMWC
Josh Rohatinsky2004First TeamMWC
Bryan Lindsay2004First TeamMWC
Dustin Bybee2004First TeamMWC
Nathan Robison2004Second TeamMWC
Kip Kangogo2003First TeamMWC
Matt Adams2003Second TeamMWC
Bryan Lindsay2003Second TeamMWC
Nathan Robison2003Second TeamMWC
Chad Durham2003Second TeamMWC
Kip Kangogo2002First TeamMWC
Matt Adams2002First TeamMWC
Lewis Jones2002First TeamMWC
Steve Barrus2002Second TeamMWC
Nathan Robison2002Second TeamMWC
Andy Carman2002Second TeamMWC
John Hedengren2001First TeamMWC
Lewis Jones2001First TeamMWC
Andy Carman2001Second TeamMWC
Ammon Larson2001Second TeamMWC
John Hedengren2000First TeamMWC
Josh Rohatinsky2000First TeamMWC
Dula Parkinson2000First TeamMWC
Golden Harper2000First TeamMWC
Andy Carman2000Second TeamMWC
John Hedengren1999First TeamMWC
Randon Richards1999First TeamMWC
David Danley1999Second TeamMWC
Nathan Harrison1999Second TeamMWC
Matt Poulsen1999Second TeamMWC

Men's Cross Country Conference Awards

Freshman of the Year

Lucas Bons2021WCC
Aidan Troutner2020-21WCC
Casey Clinger2017WCC
Brayden McLelland2016WCC
Dallin Farnsworth2015WCC
Connor McMillan2014WCC
Steve Flint2011WCC
Jonathan Nelson*2009MWC
Alden Bahr2006MWC
Jacob Gustafsson2005MWC
Rich Nelson2003MWC
Josh Rohatinsky2000MWC
David Danley1999MWC

*Co-Freshman of the Year

Coach of the Year

Ed Eyestone2021WCC
Ed Eyestone2019WCC
Ed Eyestone2018WCC
Ed Eyestone2017WCC
Ed Eyestone2016WCC
Ed Eyestone2015WCC
Ed Eyestone2013WCC
Ed Eyestone2011WCC
Ed Eyestone2008MWC
Ed Eyestone2007MWC
Ed Eyestone2006MWC
Ed Eyestone2005MWC
Ed Eyestone2004MWC
Ed Eyestone2002MWC


Individual Conference Champion

Casey Clinger202221:59.4WCC
Conner Mantz202123:01.0WCC
Conner Mantz2020-2122:54.4WCC
Conner Mantz201923:33.8WCC
Connor McMillan201723:22.8WCC
Aaron Fletcher201524:40.1WCC
Jason Witt201323:43WCC
Jared Ward201223:42WCC
Miles Batty201123:47WCC
Miles Batty201025:01.6MWC
Josh Rohatinsky200623:56.8MWC
Josh Rohatinsky200524:12.9MWC
Kip Kangogo200324:16.8MWC
Kip Kangogo200224:16.8MWC
John Hedengren199924:38MWC
Brandon Rhoads199430:30.47WAC
Rad Shirley198530:23.9WAC
Ed Eyestone198429:16.3WAC
Ed Eyestone198330:09.6WAC
Richard Reid197231:39.0WAC
Richard Reid197131:17.0WAC
Bob Richards196720:26.0WAC


Runner of the Year

Casey Clinger2022WCC
Conner Mantz2021WCC
Aaron Fletcher2015WCC
Jason Witt2013WCC
Miles Batty2010MWC
Josh Rohatinsky2006MWC
Josh Rohatinsky2005MWC
Kip Kangogo2003MWC
Kip Kangogo2002MWC
John Hedengren1999MWC