Miller Park has been home to BYU baseball since it opened in 2001. Designed as a unique baseball-softball back-to-back complex, BYU baseball plays on Larry H. Miller Field, named after Utah businessman Larry Miller, who owned the Utah Jazz, more than 60 automotive dealerships and a variety of other ventures. The park's blend of engineering ingenuity and scenic beauty are regularly featured in a variety of publications and social media platforms as one of the best settings in collegiate baseball.  

Miller Park seats 2,204 fans in two-tiered permanent seating that includes 675 seats in the lower bowl and 500 seats under the canopy, with additional seating behind both dugouts. The ballpark can seat approximately 1,000 additional fans in temporary seating as needed. 

The press box houses radio and television broadcasts, seating for media and game-day operations. The complex includes concession stands, a merchandise store, hosting facilities, equipment rooms, an athletic training room, double-wide indoor batting cages, coaches’ offices and of course locker rooms for BYU and the visiting team. 

The spire-accented, tensile roof is constructed from a teflon fabric pulled taut by cables—similar to the design of the Denver International Airport.

In March 2018, BYU debut a new synthetic-turf field that contains a heating and drainage system underneath. The new state-of-the-art system can melt three to four inches of snow and drain 19 inches of water per hour, allowing a lot more field time during the winter months. 

Former BYU player Dave Decker donated $1 million to pay for the under-surface heating system.

The turf at Miller Field comes in different heights, so the dirt areas play like dirt and the grass areas like grass. The focus of the project was to make the new surface play as much like a natural grass field as possible.

The bullpens and outdoor batting cages were also expanded, and a new bunting station added. 

The outfield dimension of Miller Park are 402 feet in straight-away center, 347 feet down the left field line and 343 feet down the right field line. The power alleys are 380 to left center and 388 to right center. 


Take a quick VIDEO TOUR of the inside of Miller Park.