Player Position Year Recognition
Libby Sugg C 2018 NFCA (3rd)
McKenna Bull P 2017 NFCA (3rd)
Lacey Hofstedt OF 2015 Academic (3rd)
Gordy Bravo OF 2013 Easton (1st)
JC Clayton SS 2013 Easton (2nd)
    2012 Easton (2nd)
Delaney Willard OF 2012 NFCA (1st), Easton (1st)
Stacie Toney 2B 2012 Academic (2nd)
Paige Affleck P 2011 Easton (2nd)
Jessica Purcell Fitu C 2011 Easton (3rd)
    2009 NFCA (3rd), Easton (2nd)
Jodi Norton 3B 2007 Easton (2nd)
Jennifer Whiteley OF 2007 Academic (2nd), Easton (3rd)
Ianeta Le'i 1B 2006 NFCA (2nd), Easton (1st)
    2005 Easton (2nd)
    2004 Easton (Honorable Mention)
Lauren Watson Perry C 2005 Easton (2nd)
    2003 Easton (2nd)
Paige Paramore C 2004 Easton (2nd)
Oli Keohohou OF 2003 NFCA (1st), Easton (1st)
    2002 NFCA (1st)
    2001 NFCA (1st)