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Hall of Honor
2016Dylann Duncan CerianiWCC
2012Elaine MichaelisWCC
Scholar-Athlete of the Year
2019-20Mary LakeWCC
2018-19Roni Jones-PerryWCC
2016-17Amy BoswellWCC
2004-05Lindsey Steele MetcalfMWC
Player of the Year
2021Kenzie KoerberWCC
2020Whitney BowerWCC
2019McKenna MillerWCC
2018Roni Jones-PerryWCC
2015Alexa GrayWCC
2014Alexa GrayWCC
2012Jennifer HamsonWCC
2005Lindsy HartsockMWC
1999Nina PuikkonenMWC
1997Amy Steele GantWAC Mountain Division
1996Gale Oborn JohnsonWAC Mountain Division
1995Amy Steele GantWAC Mountain Division
1994Charlene JohnsonWAC
1993Michele FellowsWAC
1992Tea NieminenWAC
1990Tea NieminenWAC
1988Dylann Duncan CerianiHCAC
1987Mariliisa SalmiHCAC
1986Mariliisa SalmiHCAC
Coach of the Year
2021Heather OlmsteadWCC
2020-21Heather OlmsteadWCC
2018Heather OlmsteadWCC
2015Heather OlmsteadWCC
2014Shawn OlmsteadWCC
2012Shawn OlmsteadWCC
2005Jason WatsonMWC
1997Elaine MichaelisWAC Mountain Division
1996Elaine MichaelisWAC Mountain Division
1994Elaine MichaelisWAC
1993Elaine MichaelisWAC
Setter of the Year
2021Whitney BowerWCC
2020Whitney BowerWCC
Defensive Player/Libero of the Year
2019Mary LakeWCC
2018Mary LakeWCC
2017Mary LakeWCC
2015Amy BoswellWCC
2014Whitney Young HowardWCC
2012Nicole WarnerWCC
1997Andrea PetrilliWAC Mountain Division
1996Andrea PetrilliWAC Mountain Division
Freshman of the Year
2018Heather GneitingWCC
2017Kennedy EschenbergWCC
2016McKenna MillerWCC
2013Whitney Young HowardWCC
2012Alexa GrayWCC
2003Lindsy HartsockMWC
1999Sunny Tonga MaheMWC
1998Nina PuikkonenWAC Mountain Division
1996Anna-Lena SmithWAC Mountain Division
1994Angie WalkerWAC
1991Charlene JohnsonWAC
1990Tumua Matu'uWAC
Newcomer of the Year
2010Stephanie SnowMWC
Whitney BowerSetterFirst Team2022
Heather GneitingMiddle BlockerFirst Team2022
Erin LivingstonOutside HitterFirst Team2022
Whitney LlarenasMiddle BlockerFirst Team2022
Kelsey KnudsenLiberoHonorable Mention2022
Kate PriorMiddle BlockerHonorable Mention, Freshman Team2022
Kenzie KoerberOpposite HitterFirst Team2021
Whitney BowerSetterFirst Team2021
Taylen Ballard-NixonOutside HitterFirst Team2021
Kennedy EschenbergMiddle BlockerFirst Team2021
Heather Gneiting Middle BlockerFirst Team2021
Erin LivingstonOutside HitterSecond Team2021
Madi AllenLiberoHonorable Mention2021
Taylen Ballard-NixonOutside hitterFirst Team2020
Whitney BowerSetterFirst Team2020
Kennedy EschenbergMiddle BlockerFirst Team2020
Kate GrimmerOpposite HitterFirst Team2020
Madi AllenLiberoSecond Team, Freshman Team2020
Erin LivingstonOutside HitterHonorable Mention, Freshman Team2020
Leilani DodsonMiddle BlockerFreshman Team2020
McKenna MillerOutside HitterFirst Team2019
Mary LakeLiberoFirst Team2019
Kennedy EschenbergMiddle BlockerFirst Team2019
Heather GneitingMiddle BlockerFirst Team2019
Whitney BowerSetterFirst Team, Freshman Team2019
Kate GrimmerOpposite HitterFreshman Team2019
Heather GneitingMiddle BlockerFirst Team, Freshman Team2018
Lyndie Haddock EppichSetterFirst Team2018
McKenna MillerOutside HitterFirst Team2018
Mary LakeLiberoFirst Team2018
Roni Jones-PerryOutside HitterFirst Team2018
Roni Jones-PerryOutside HitterFirst Team2017
Cosy BurnettMiddle BlockerFirst Team2017
Mary LakeLiberoFirst Team2017
McKenna MillerOutside HitterHonorable Mention2017
Lyndie Haddock EppichSetterHonorable Mention2017
Kennedy EschenbergMiddle BlockerFreshman Team2017
Amy BoswellMiddle BlockerFirst Team2016
Whitney Young HowardMiddle BlockerFirst Team2016
McKenna MillerOutside HitterFirst Team, Freshman Team2016
Mary LakeLiberoHonorable Mention, Freshman Team2016
Alexa GrayOutside HitterFirst Team2015
Amy BoswellMiddle BlockerFirst Team2015
Whitney Young HowardMiddle BlockerHonorable Mention2015
Ciara ParkerLiberoHonorable Mention2015
Jennifer HamsonOpposite HitterFirst Team2014
Alexa GrayOutside HitterFirst Team2014
Whitney Young HowardMiddle BlockerFirst Team2014
Amy BoswellMiddle BlockerHonorable Mention2014
Ciara ParkerLiberoHonorable Mention2013
Tambre Haddock NoblesOutside HitterHonorable Mention2013
Whitney Young HowardMiddle BlockerFreshman Team2013
Kathryn LeCheminantMiddle BlockerFirst Team2013
Alexa GrayOutside HitterFirst Team2013
Kimberly DahlOutside HitterFreshman Team2012
Heather HannemannSetterHonorable Mention2012
Alexa GrayOutside HitterFirst Team, Freshman Team2012
Nicole WarnerMiddle BlockerFirst Team2012
Jennifer HamsonOpposite HitterFirst Team2012
Christie CarpenterOutside HitterFirst Team2011
Jennifer HamsonOpposite HitterFirst Team2011
Academic All-WCC Players
Aria McComber (1st Team)Libero2021
Tayler Hifo (Honorable Mention)Setter2021
Erin Livingston (Honorable Mention)Outside Hitter2021
Kennedy Eschenberg (1st Team)Middle Blocker2020-21
Kate Grimmer (1st Team)Opposite Hitter2020-21
Whitney Bower (Honorable Mention)Setter2020-21
Tayler Hifo (Honorable Mention)Setter2020-21
Kennedy EschenbergMiddle Blocker2019
Mary LakeLibero2019
Riley LymanOutside Hitter2019
Kiani Moea'i (Honorable Mention)Setter2019
Kennedy EschenbergMiddle Blocker2018
Lyndie Haddock EppichSetter2018
Mary LakeLibero2018
Roni Jones-PerryOutside Hitter2018
Lacy HaddockOutside Hitter2018
Sydnie MartindaleDefensive Specialist2018
Roni Jones-PerryOutside Hitter2017
Mary LakeLibero2017
Amy BoswellMiddle Blocker2016
Whitney Young HowardMiddle Blocker2016
Amy BoswellMiddle Blocker2015
Whitney Young HowardMiddle Blocker2015
Amy BoswellMiddle Blocker2014
Jennifer HamsonOpposite Hitter2014
Tia Withers WellingLibero2014
Ciara ParkerLibero2013
Tia Withers WellingLibero2013
Tia Withers WellingLibero2012
Nicole WarnerMiddle Blocker2012
Jennifer HamsonOpposite Hitter2012
Jennifer HamsonOpposite Hitter2011
Nicole WarnerMiddle Blocker2011
All-MWC Honors
Stephanie Snow2010
Kayla Walker2009*
Rachel Dyer, Kayla Walker2008*
Chelsea Goodman, Erica Lott, Rachel Dyer2007*
Lindsy Hartsock, Chelsea Goodman, Erica Lott, Rachel Dyer2006*
Lindsy Hartsock, Chelsea Goodman, Erica Lott, Lauren Richards Evans2005*
Lindsy Hartsock, Lindsey Metcalf, Lauren Richards Evans, Kim Wilson2004*
Carrie Bowers, Uila Crabbe, Lauren Richards Evans2003*
Allison Larson, Laura Nielsen2002*
Nina Puikkonen, Sunny Mahe, Karina Puikkonen, Uila Crabbe2001*
Nina Puikkonen, Sunny Tonga, Jackie Bundy, Karina Puikkonen2000*
First Team: Nina Puikkonen, Anne-Lena Smith, Caroline Bower
Second Team: Mari Carpenter
*Only one team selected
MWC Scholar-Athletes
Kimberli Boswell, Jennifer Hamson, Nicole Warner2010
Marisa Vandersteen Boaz, Ashton Hansen Hosford, Melissa Lake2009
Rachel Dyer, Ashton Hansen, Catherine Parker, Annie Pinegar, Amy Schlauder, Marisa Vandersteen2008
Rachel Dyer, Ashton Hansen, Lindsy Hartsock, Annie Kemp Pinegar, Catherine Parker, Amy Schlauder, Marisa Vandersteen2007
Rachel Dyer, Lindsy Hartsock, Annie Kemp, Catherine Parker, Amy Schlauder2006
Academic All-MWC
Rachel Dyer, Ashton Hansen Hosford, Melissa Lake, Stephanie Lau, Morgan Lloyd, Christina Measom, Bryn Porter, Kayla Walker2008
Rachel Dyer, Chelsea Goodman, Ashton Hansen, Annie Kemp Pinegar, Stephanie Lau, Bryn Porter, Kiana Rogers, Amy Schlauder2007
Janvier Beaumont, Rachel Dyer, Chelsea Goodman, Lindsy Hartsock, Jenna Judkins, Annie Kemp, Catherine Parker, Bryn Porter, Amy Schlauder, Kim Wilson2006
Janvier Beaumont, Rachel Dyer, Lindsey Evans, Chelsea Goodman, Lindsy Hartsock, Annie Kemp, Lexi Brown Patterson2005
Lexi Brown, Lindsey Reeves, Chelsea Goodman, Lindsy Hartsock, Lindsey Metcalf, Stacie Powell, Kim Wilson2004
Lexi Brown, Uila Crabbe, Lindsy Hartsock, Lindsey Kearl, Lindsey Metcalf, Laura Nielsen, Melanie Togo2003
Uila Crabbe, Allison Larson, Michelle Mahafey, Lindsey Metcalf, Laura Nielsen, Karina Puikkonen, Kim Wilson2002
Uila Crabbe, Karina Puikkonen, Nina Puikkonen2001
Melisa Layton, Karina Puikkonen, Nina Puikkonen2000
Caroline Bower, Anne-Lena Smith, Melissa Layton, Nina Puikkonen1999
First Team: Anna-Lena Smith, Korie Rogers, Nina Puikkonen
Second Team: Mari Carpenter, Melissa Layton
First Team:Amy Steele Gant, Anne-Lena Smith, Korie Rogers, Andrea Petrilli1997
First Team: Gale Osborn Johnson, Amy Steele, Anne-Lena Smith, Andrea Petrilli
Second Team: Korie Rogers
First Team: Amy Steele
Second Team: Gale Osborn Johnson, Ann-Mari Lindquist
First Team: Charlene Johnson, Marianne Clark, Gale Osborn
Second Team: Angie Walker
First Team: Michele Fellows, Charlene Johnson, Tumua Matu'u
Second Team: Angie Walker
First Team: Tea Nieminen, Shannon E. Skidmore, Michele Fellows&
Second Team: Charlene Johnson
First Team: Charlene Johnson
Second Team: Michelle Fellows, Shannon Egbert
First Team: Marinda G. Ashman, Tea Nieminen
Second Team: Carla Gee
First Team: Cherie Sam Fong, Stephanie Trane, Marinda Gorbahn, Tea Nieminen
Hm: Jan Giles, Rebecca Molen
First Team: Dylann Duncan, Jill S. Plumb, Hm: Jan Giles1988
First Team: Dylann Duncan, Jill S. Plumb, Mariliisa Salmi1987
First Team: Dylann Duncan, Sari Virtanen, Mariliisa Salmi
Second Team: Jill Sanders; Hm: Diane Campbell
First Team: Sari Virtanen, Dylann Duncan
Second Team: Tami Hamilton, Jill Sanders; Hm: Socorro Leal
First Team: Tami Hamilton, Karen Doane
Second Team: Raelyn Hoglund; Hm: Socorro Leal
First Team: Karin Knudsen, Madge Ferreira
Second: Raelyn Hoglund; Hm: Lisa Monson
First Team: Valerie Depourtales, Madge Ferreira
Second Team: Raelyn Hoglund, Karin Knudsen
Lisa Motes Connolly, Andi Westover, Noreen Hoglund, Madge Ferreira1981
Lisa Motes, Carole Bean1980
Kari Pew, Lisa Motes1979
Kari Pew, Lisa Motes1978
Annette Cottle, Karen Curtis, Joni Rogers1977
Sheila Hilzendeger, Joni Rogers, Karen Curtis, Annette Cottle1976
MWC Women's Volleyball All-Decade Team
PlayerPositionSchoolYears Played In MWCAll-Conference
Chelsea GoodmanOutside HitterBYU2004-072005, 2006, 2007
Lindsy HartsockMiddle BlockerBYU2002-062004, 2005, 2006
Nina PuikkonenMiddle BlockerBYU1991-011999, 2000, 2001
Lauren Richards EvansSetterBYU2001, 03-052003, 2004, 2005