Name Year Event Record/Finish
Phil Tollestrup 1971 Pan Am Games 2-2/8th Place
  1973 World Student Games  
  1974 FIBA World Championships 2-1/8th Place
  1975 Pan Am Games 6th Place
  1976 Summer Olympics (Montreal) 4-3/4th Place
  1979 Pan Am Games 5th Place
Name Year Event Record/Finish
Aly Khalifa 2017 FIBA U16 African Championship (Mauritius) 7-1/2nd Place
  2018 FIBA U17 World Championship (Argentina)  1-6/16th Place
Name Year Event Record/Finish
Timo Lampén 1953 FIBA EuroBasket (Moscow) 4-6/12th Place
  1955 FIBA EuroBasket (Budapest, Hungary) 5-4/10th Place
  1957 FIBA EuroBasket (Sofia, Bulgaria) 6-4/11th Place
  1959 FIBA EuroBasket (Istanbul, Turkey) 2-5/13th Place
  1961 FIBA EuroBasket (Belgrade, Yugoslavia) 3-4/14th Place
  1963 FIBA EuroBasket (Wrocław, Poland) 2-7/14th Place
  1964 Summer Olympics (Tokyo) 4-5/11th Place
  1965 FIBA EuroBasket (Soviet Union) 3-6/12th Place
Kari Liimo 1961 FIBA EuroBasket (Belgrade, Yugoslavia) 3-4/14th Place
  1963 FIBA EuroBasket (Wrocław, Poland) 2-7/14th Place
  1964 Summer Olympics (Tokyo) 4-5/11th Place
  1965 FIBA EuroBasket (Soviet Union) 3-6/12th Place
  1967 FIBA EuroBasket (Finland) 6-3/6th Place
Veikko Vainio 1967 FIBA EuroBasket (Finland) 6-3/6th Place
Timo Saarelainen 1977 U18 Nordic Championships 3-1/2nd Place
  1979 U18 Nordi Championships 4-0/1st Place
  1979 World University Games (Mexico) 5-3/13th Place
  1980 Nordic Championships 4-0/1st Place
  1980 Olympic Games Qualifiers 1-3/NA
  1981 European Championship Qualifiers 2-3/NA
  1981 World University Games (Romania) 7-1/9th Place
  1983 Nordic Championships 4-0/1st Place
  1984 Olympic Games Qualifiers 1-2/NA
Kalevi Sarkalahti 1977 FIBA EuroBasket (Belgium) 1-6/10th Place
Name Year Event Record/Finish
Shawn Bradley 2001 European Championships (Turkey) 4-3/4th Place
Name Year Event Record/Finish
Mekeli Wesley 2018 FIBA Asia Cup Pre-Qualifiers (Thailand) 6-0/NA
  2019 FIBA Pacific Games (Samoa) 5-0/1st Place
  2021 FIBA Asia Cup Qualifiers 3-2/NA
Ivory Coast
Name Year Event Record/Finish
Charles Abouo 2009 FIBA Africa Championship 5-4/2nd Place
  2010 FIBA World Championships (Turkey) 1-4/NA
  2013 FIBA Africa Championship 5-2/4th Place
  2018 FIBA World Cup Qualifier 4-5/NA
  2019 FIBA World Cup (China) 0-5/29th
  2021 FIBA AfroBasket Qualifiers 3-0/NA
  2023 FIBA World Cup (Phillipines, Japan, Indonesia) 1-4/27th
Name Year Event Record/Finish
Fousseyni Traore 2017 FIBA U16 Africa Championship (Mauritius) 8-0/1st Place
  2021 FIBA U19 Wold Cup (Latvia) 1-6/13th Place
Name Year Event Record/Finish
Matt Haarms 2015 FIBA U18 European Championship Division B (Austria) 4-4/11th Place
  2022 FIBA World Cup Qualifying 0-4/NA
  2022 FIBA European Championships 0-5/22nd
Name Year Event Record/Finish
Brandon Davies 2019 FIBA African Qualifier 1-5/NA
  2021 FIBA World Cup Qualifier 3-0/NA
United States of America
Name Year Event Record/Finish
Brett Applegate 1982 R. William Jones Cup  8-0/Gold Medal
Devin Durrant 1979 Select Team – China Tour  3-2/NA
  1983 World University Games 6-1/Bronze
Jimmer Fredette 2010 USA Select – Las Vegas  Trained against the USA National Team 
  2022 FIBA 3x3 AmeriCup 5-0/Gold Medal
  2023 FIBA 3x3 World Cup 6-1/Silver Medal
  2023 Pan Am Games 5-0/Gold Medal
Marty Haws 1986 U.S. Olympic Festival – West 3-1/Gold Medal
Tyler Haws 2013 World University Games   6-2/9th Place
Eric Mika 2020 AmeriCup Qualifying 2-0/NA
  2022 FIBA World Cup Qualifying 4-0/NA
Carl Pollard 1983 U.S. Olympic Festival – West 0-4/4th Place
Craig Raymond 1967 World University Games  7-0/Gold Medal
Randy Reid 1993 U.S. Olympic Festival – West 2-2/Silver Medal
Robbie Reid   1994 U.S. Olympic Festival – West 1-3/Bronze Medal
Fred Roberts 1978 U.S. Olympic Festival – West 1-3/Bronze Medal
  1979 U.S. Olympic Festival – West 2-2/Silver Medal
  1979 FIBA U19 World Championship 8-0/Gold Medal
  1979 Select Team – China Tour 3-2/NA
  1981 World University Games 7-1/Gold Medal
Scott Sinek  1981 U.S. Olympic Festival – West 4-0/Gold Medal
Mike Smith  1983 FIBA U19 World Championship 6-2/Gold Medal
  1983 U.S. Olympic Festival – West 0-4/4th Place
Brian Taylor 1982 U.S. Olympic Festival – West 0-4/4th Place
Name Year Event Record/Finish
Kresimir Cosic 1967 Mediterranean Games (Tunis) Gold Medal
  1967 FIBA World Cup (Montevideo) Silver Medal
  1968 Summer Olympics (Mexico City) Silver Medal
  1969 FIBA EuroBasket (Italy) Silver Medal
  1970 FIBA World Cup (Ljubljana) Gold Medal
  1971 Mediterranean Games (Izmir) Gold Medal
  1971 FIBA EuroBasket (West Germany Silver Medal
  1973 FIBA EuroBasket (Spain) Gold Medal
  1974 FIBA World Cup (Puerto Rico) Silver Medal
  1975 FIBA EuroBasket (Yugoslavia) Gold Medal
  1976 Summer Olympics (Montreal) Silver Medal
  1977 FIBA EuroBasket (Belgium) Gold Medal
  1978 FIBA World Cup (Philippines) Gold Medal
  1979 FIBA EuroBasket (Italy) Bronze Medal
  1980 Summer Olympics (Moscow) Gold Medal
  1981 FIBA EuroBasket (Czechoslovakia) Silver Medal